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Royal Rajasthan on Wheels Testimonials

"While I know this trip is more popular with retirees, it proved a wonderful family trip as well "
- Karen Holmberg, UK
"This experience is definitely better than the Royal Scotsman, and has been equal to Orient Express, if not better."
- Taylor, New Jersey, USA

"The entire journey was and will be an unforgettable experience. If I was a poet, I would be probably set this entire fabulous experience in beautiful poetry."
- Judith Moorthy, Queensland, Australia
"Overall experience was absolutely wonderful and I will remember this trip for the rest of my life and I am very grateful to all of you."
- Natalia Zharkova, Russia

"We enjoyed being spoiled by the very accommodating and friendly staff. The food on-board was excellent. We enjoyed our experience very much."
- Anjana Patel, Los Angeles, US
"The whole experience was true to its style and name, and we had the privilege of being a Maharaja for the 7 nights. The memories of this trip will be cherished for a long time to come, and we will be relaying our experience to our friends and families who will be very eager to know."
- Vinod Patel, UK

"The quality of service was very good & everyone was helpful. Excellent!!! Better than the Orient Express."
- Louise Anderson, UK
"Lovely attitude of staff, Attention to detail. Great Carnival atmosphere on-board."
- Lionel & Laura Mill, London, UK

" It is a well run tour, everything was in place for your enjoyment. Pure luxury Felt like a Maharaja for a week. "
- Mr. & Mrs Futer, UK
"The organization of the tour was excellent. We really felt like kings and queens"
- Mitchell Muntner, New York, USA

"Thank you for the fabulous experience of Incredible India"
- Manuel Mourao, Spain

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